In 2143, humanity confirmed that it was not alone in the universe.  While this discovery had been anticipated for some time, it was not expected that so many aliens would look strikingly like creatures from human mythology.  Humans joined a galactic community of Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and Minotaurs alongside other, stranger, aliens (such as the amorphous Tekeli-Li or the Elder Things).

It is in partnership with these aliens that, in 2178, humanity's colonies declared independence from increasingly tyrannical Earth governments.   Along with the colonies came the UN's space exploration and defense fleet.  Together the free colonies, fleets and alien governments formed the Free Systems Confederation.  To defend the FCS and continue to explore the galaxy, the UN's fleet was reformed as the Allied Research and Guardian Organization, or A.R.G.O.

Now, in 2216, A.R.G.O. defends the FCS as well as continuing to explore the galaxy, discovering new aliens. and bringing them into the galactic fold.  This work is carried out both by the official military and scientific forces, but also by legions of agents, freelancers, and other adventurers.  You are one of these "outside contractors."

The Galaxy is a rough place.  Meet it head on with A.R.G.O.


Coming 2018-2019 from Galahad Games in association with the Cascadia Gaming Collective for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game.


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