Aimsir Preview: Kontio

*Apologies for getting this post out late, I'm current fighting off a nasty cold and wasn't up to writing yesterday.*


for this weeks blog, we are giving you a preview of one of the races featured in Race Pack Three: Titans, the Kontio.

Kontio are large, bear-like humanoids that live primarily in the northernmost regions of Aimsir.  In times of peace, they content themselves with hunting, herding and fishing in small villages.  In times of conflict, the Kontio have long been allies of the good people of Aimsir.  The sound of their famous sotrumpu battle drums sounding in the distance struck fear into the hearts of the wicked and stiffened the spines of the righteous.


50 years ago, things started to change with The Seeing.  All of the Noadi, the shamanic leaders of Kontio society, experience simultaneous visions of an invasion by the Stallo, canniballistic giants from the polar north.  Loss against this invasion, called the Stalloaige, would mean the end of the known world and centuries of bitterly cold winter.  The Seeing convince the Noadi that the Stalloaige would happen within three generations and that the Kontio must prepare in order to survive and serve as the world's first line of defense.

Since The Seeing, preparation for the Stalloaige has become an obsession for the bearfolk.  Kontio communities dedicate themselves to preserving any extra supplies in secret supply caches.  Traditional Kontio values of honor and honesty have begun to give way to ruthless pragmatism, with the once-unthinkable idea of raiding neighboring human commmunities becoming commonplace in some clans.  When the Stalloaige comes, these clans claim, those same neighbors will forgive them these trespasses in gratitude for saving them the Stallo. Other Kontio struggle to balance their need to prepare and their traditional role as a vanguard of honor in the world. 

Regardless of their thoughts on the changes in Kontio culture, many bearfolk become adventurers, hoping that the ruined dungeons and lairs of the world may contain a secret to defeat, or even avert, the Stalloaige.

The Kontio with appear in Race Pack Three: The Titans, coming this fall from Galahad Games!