Announcing A.R.G.O.


For our first weekly update, I have a big announcement.  But first, a story.  About 5 years ago, I had an idea for a sci-fi campaign setting, which I ended up developing into an Alpha playtest in 2015. While set in a universe where humanity originated on Earth, the aliens humanity met resembled races from fantasy (elves, dwarves, etc.).  The setting was well-received by those that saw it, but I ended up getting distracted by other projects (and the decision to wait for Starfinder before I went further down the sci-fi road).

Now I am pleased to announce Galahad Games 3rd product line (after The World of Aimsir and Genrevolution):


A.R.G.O. is short for the Allied Research and Guardian Organization, a collection of explorers, adventurers and heroes from across the galaxy committed to unlocking the secrets of the universe.  They are also responsible for protecting the democratic Free Systems Confederation from those who would destroy it, be that a force of invading parasitic aliens or the fascistic government of Earth.

The 23rd century world of A.R.G.O. is a new campaign setting for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game.  A.R.G.O. will focus more on the "science" part of science-fantasy, with "magic" being largely limited to psychic powers and technomancy.  Think more Babylon 5 or Star Trek than Star Wars or Warhammer 40,000.

Starting in 2018, we are hoping to release some of the first material related to A.R.G.O.   Like with Aimsir, these initial products will include information on how to include them in your own campaign universe, as well as how they fit into the broader world of A.R.G.O.  We will also include sneak peaks of A.R.G.O. material in this blog and elsewhere on Galahad. Games. 

Thanks for your continued support,