Rob Gaffney- Writer and Game Designer

As a freshman in high-school, Rob learned how to play RPGs from a friendly bridge troll who happened to also be his cousin.  After a stint in AmeriCorps*VISTA and law school (where he realized that he likes rule-making much more than rule-arguing), Rob returned to his native Oregon coast and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional game designer. Rob lives in Lincoln City, Oregon with his two guinea pigs, Franklin and Theodore.


Joseph Fox - Art, Layouts, and Cartography

Joseph Fox roams through out Western Oregon spreading discord and joy in the form of creative hobby gaming. Largely this manifests in the form of yelling and crude digital renderings of imaginary worlds. He also writes from time to time, though it's hard to pin down. Often he is accompanied by a wife and two, largely useless, cat familiars. In additon to his work with Galahad Games, Joe creates excellent gaming aids at "Joseph Fox's BinderStuff!"